Clyne Gardens tree trail

Renewal of Tree Trail Clyne Gardens

Clyne Gardens contains over 10,000 mature trees managed by the Parks staff. A number of the largest were collected as part of expeditions by famous plant hunters and date back to the middle of the 19th Century. The original Tree Trail was introduced over 25 years ago, some signs were missing others in need of repair. As part of the Postcode Local Trust grant all 15 signs on the Tree Trail have been renewed. The Trail was developed to enable some of our significant trees to be visited and enjoyed. It is not a comprehensive list, but provides a flavour of some of the elements that contribute to the look and feel of Clyne Gardens.

Many of the trees on the trail are close to paved pathways and are wheelchair accessible but some trees can only be seen at close quarters by venturing over grassy areas or informal paths. The trail can start/finish at any point around the route.

  • Credit    :    Alan Gregg.         
  • Renewal of all tree trail descriptive sign boards, descriptive text and location map.

Download a Guide to the tree trail here