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   The plant shop is open from February until November on Wednesdays and is located in the Friends Polytunnel in the Singleton Park Botanical Gardens. 

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Within the glasshouses at the Swansea Botanical Gardens  you will find fine specimens of rare and exotic plants from around the world. You will find the glasshouses in the botanical gardens at Singleton park.

PLANT SHOP : Open Wednesdays until November - 10 am to 2 pm.

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Enovert Community Trust visit to Swansea Botanical Gardens

On Wednesday 4th April Angela Haymonds of Enovert was given a warm welcome by the Friends of the City of Swansea Botanical Complex. She came to visit the Wildflower Garden in the Botanical Gardens and to see the recent improvements in the Friends polytunnel.

Our photograph shows from left to right . 

Pamela Morgan (Chair, FCSBC), Angela Haymonds (Enovert Community Trust), Jane Terrett (Secretary, FCSBC).

Enovert was known as Cory Environmental.  They are a grant awarding group funded by the landfill tax.  Cory gave the Friends the first grant of £50,000 towards the Wildflower Garden. A further grant of £14,000 paid for the new workstations and improved till and sales area in the polytunnel where the volunteers work.  Without Cory’s funding the Wildflower Garden would never have been achieved and the Friends were very keen to show how successful their combined endeavours have been.   

Ms Haymonds said she was “hugely impressed by your projects”. She went on to say that she had “no idea of the impact that the grants had”. She expressed delight “that the Trustees made such a good choice in supporting the projects”. 

Pamela Morgan, Chair, said that FCSBC were glad of the opportunity to thank Ms Haymonds in person for her help during the past year.  Her visit will enable her to convey to the Trustees of Cory the lasting effect their choices have on local groups such as ours.

Enovert get many more applications for funding than they can award so FCSBC can be particularly proud of their success.

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