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                                                The entrance gates to the Botanical gardens 

                           are out of date and do not reflect the beauty of the gardens beyond

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                                       Please take a look at our short FUNDRAISING VIDEO    

The design for the New gates is shown below.  The night time gate is on the left and the day gate on the right.   The short VIDEO is our appeal to you to pledge your support for our CROWDFUNDING project.  Many thanks .

Visit the Botanical gardens in 2019

Take a peek at our short video.

The Botanical Gardens in August 2019

Check out this great video by Howell Morris who is one of our Photographic Friends - also take a look at the 'Photographic Friends' webpage on this site.


Check out this video of the glasshouses 

See the Tropical House plants, cacti and more. Raising the profile of the environment and the importance of plants. Check out this video of "THE GLASSHOUSES"

The New Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden

Here is a video about the creation of our Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden. Planned in 2016 and opened in 2017. The first extension to the Botanical Gardens since 1929. The total cost was in the region of £145,000. Of this total £75,000 being monies raised from our plant sales, the other £70,000 from grants and donations.  



The Story of our Refurbished Plant Shop

The Friends of the City of Swansea Botanical Complex wish to thank Enovert Community Trust for their generous grant of £13,696  which has funded our refurbishment project that was completed in February 2018.

Their support and interest has been invaluable. 

Take a look at our Video 

The Wildflower Garden on Coast & Country

An excerpt from the ITV broadcast of Coast and Country on 3rd August 2018. Pamela Morgan talks about the Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden in Singleton Park.

Opening Day. The Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden.

The opening of The new Wildflower/Wellbeing garden.

19th August 2017

Singleton Park. Swansea

This project has been a new experience for the “Friends”.

 The total cost was in the region of £145,000.  Of this total £75,000 being monies raised from our plant sales, the other £70,000 from grants and donations.  

The new Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden is well worth a visit. 

Wildflowers in the new garden


Identify the Wildflowers

Wildflowers have been blooming in the central core of the Wildflower/Wellbeing Garden since June and will continue to the first frost or at least until October.   Each flower has its best season and those who visit regularly have been amazed at the ever changing colour palette.

The wildflower mix was bought from Pictorial Meadows.  It is their “Classic” mix. 

These flowers make up the majority of the colour seen.  

A survey carried out in May 2017 showed that some 75 species of vascular plants and 25 species of mosses, native to Britain, already occurring on this site.     Dock/Rumex, red clover/Trifoloium pratense and Evening Primrose/Oenothera are easily identified.  Do not dismiss any grass or “weed” growing in the Wildflower/Wellbeing garden.   All have their value in increasing insect diversity in an area which was once unused and unloved.