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OUR 2020 OPENING HOURS for the Plant Shop WILL BE PUBLISHED SOON. . . . . . . . . . . . WATCH THIS SPACE!


  • The Friends Plant Shop is just inside the gate in the north wall of the Swansea Botanical Gardens in Singleton Park. 
  • Here we sell plants and shrubs and garden plants.
  • Come in through the Gower Road entrance. You will see a number of polytunnels over the hedge.  
  • Ours is the first one.


What to buy . . . and Prices

Come to the FCSBC shop.  We have one of the best ranges of fruit trees, ornamental trees, shrubs and herbaceous perennials in Swansea. We also have a great selection of indoor plants, not only do they improve the air quality in your house but perfect for livening up a room. We grow many herbs and in the summer we stock a variety of chillies, tomatoes and vegetables for you to enjoy home grown produce.  

There is always someone on hand to give you good advice taking into account your aspect, soil and particular tastes. We propagate many of our plants from the Botanical Gardens either from seed collected at the end of summer or from  plants lifted and divided from the borders. The majority of the stock is bought in from reputable suppliers, then grown on all potted up in peat free compost ready for sale. Many of the varieties are selected for their attractiveness to pollinators as we recognise the importance of supporting our beneficial insect population, please ask about our bee friendly plants

  • Our prices are very competitive.
  • If you are starting a new garden, you will find our prices particularly attractive.  


  • Our plants are small but they will grow on quickly once they are out of their pots.
  • For the some of the best plants in Swansea come and visit us. 


Why we do it . . .

  • All the profit from the Plant Shop is invested back into the Parks of Singleton Park Botanical Gardens and Clyne Gardens.   
  •  Over the past twenty years we have spent around £300,000 on improving the facilities in these parks.

Annual Wildflower Seeds



FCSBC have been selling annual wildflower seeds for four seasons.   From our experience, they are not easy to grow in Swansea’s wet clay soil.   To give yourself the best chance, please consider the following:

  • Select your sunniest spot;  no shade at any time;
  • The soil must be clean of every weed;
  • Reduce the fertility by digging out at least the top 6 ins/15 cm;
  • Rake to a fine tilth so that it looks like the top of a good apple crumble;
  • Don’t go anywhere near the selected spot with any form of fertiliser;
  • Sow in May at the maximum rate of 3 grms/sq m.;
  • Water if it doesn’t rain in the first 7 days;  [ha,ha]
  • Enjoy a glorious sight until September/October,  depending on your choice of seeds and the weather;
  • In November, cut back all the old growth, remove it from the site;  
  • Start again next spring.


Don’t be too disappointed if your wildflowers don’t look like the verges and roundabouts in Swansea.  The Council has machines to do the work that you are going to be doing by hand.  If in doubt, sow in a large container but still follow the advice above.

But go on, give it a go!   It is a very small price to pay for months of colour in your garden.

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  • Hedgehogs are a gardener's friend, as they eat snails, slugs and insects.