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On-Line Newsletter Design Assistant  (Voluntary)

We are looking for a person to support the existing developer of our All-Seasons eNews. Full details can be accessed via the eNews link on our Home Page or by getting in touch with Jane Terrett.   friendsofbotanics@gmail.com

Join us and help us 'Grow the Future'!

The Botanical Complex is greatly supported in its work by a growing team of volunteers and we offer a warm welcome . We meet  from 10am on Wednesdays.  Some of us also volunteer to help in our plant shop on Saturdays - open from April to September.  Profits help fund and support projects which benefit the Botanical Complex (Singleton, Clyne & Plantasia). Volunteering at the Garden can help you develop new skills, make new friendships and add to your CV. It can easily fit in with other work and home commitments.

We have a variety of tasks which need to happen throughout the year in order to keep our Plant Shop supplied and successful.  We are always happy to share our expertise and help our customers choose 'the right plant for the right place'!

 The beautiful ambience of Singleton Park is a great place to relax, unwind - and volunteer.

Not All About Horticulture!

If you have other skills that you would like to share with Friends of the Botanical Gardens, (such as secretarial), please get in touch to talk to us about what you may have to offer.

Although we have a range of expertise amongst our volunteers and learn from each other, some of us have benefited by pursuing extra qualifications in horticulture. We  would be happy to share our experiences of courses available.