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We are currently working towards developing a wildflower meadow and stumpery in Singleton Park. It is a huge project for us!

Watch this space for further details or come down to see us! We would be happy to talk to you about it.!

 Supporting 'Clyne in Bloom' and 'Botanics in Bloom'.

Since our inception in 1994, we have been instrumental in completing the following  projects :-

The building of Ty Blodau - a multi-functional education centre within the Botanical Gardens.

New 'Story' Bench in Clyne Gardens

Photo Copyright Dave Firkin

The Rain Forest Hut at Plantasia

Bridges across Clyne stream in Clyne Gardens

Leaf bench at Plantasia from a fallen tree in Clyne Gardens

Children's activities in August in the Botanical Gardens

Training courses for Parks' staff in specialist orchid care

Entrance gates to the Botanical Gardens at the walled garden end

Helping Pontardulais Partnership to beautify their Railway Station

The principal source of our funding since 1998 has been from sales in our Plant Shop